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The Administrator

As an Administrator, you're the backbone of educational institutions. You possess a knack for leadership, organization, and strategic planning.

Your role is crucial in shaping the educational landscape, whether it's through managing resources, overseeing faculty, or implementing policies.

If you find fulfillment in leading educational initiatives and ensuring the smooth operation of schools or educational programs, the role of an Administrator is ideally suited for you.

The Administrator
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What kind of career is a good fit for me?

You're well-suited for roles that involve leading, managing, and enhancing educational environments and systems.

  • School Principal

    School Principal

    Oversee the daily operations of a school, lead educational programs, and ensure a safe and effective learning environment for students.
  • School Vice Principal

    School Vice Principal

    Assist in managing school activities, discipline, and administrative tasks, supporting the principal in creating a positive educational setting.
  • School Administrator

    School Administrator

    Coordinate and supervise various educational and administrative aspects within a school or educational department.
  • Superintendent


    Oversee and lead an entire school district, making strategic decisions that affect multiple schools, staff, and the educational curriculum.
  • AverageGrowth

    In employment of instructional education occupations over the next decade

  • $95KMedian Salary

    For educational leadership occupations, ranging from $89K to $101K averages

  • 22KJob Openings

    Predicted annually over the next decade in educational leadership roles

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What degree do I need for an administration career path?

For a career in school administration, pursuing a Master's degree is highly beneficial, as it equips you with essential management skills, an understanding of educational policies, and leadership strategies necessary for effective school administration. Additionally, obtaining a Doctorate can further enhance your expertise, opening doors to higher-level positions and offering opportunities to significantly influence educational practices and policies.

Master's in Educational Leadership and Administration

Master's in School Administration

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Educational Administration

Master's in Public Administration (MPA) with an Education Focus

School Administrator

Do I need a certification to become a school administrator?

Yes, to become a school administrator, you generally need a specific certification, often in addition to a Master's degree in Educational Leadership or Administration.

This certification ensures you have the necessary management skills and educational knowledge. The process usually involves completing an accredited administrative preparation program and passing relevant exams.

Requirements can vary by region, and experience in teaching or educational roles is often a prerequisite. It's important to check the specific certification requirements in your area.